What is the NY and LA industry saying about us ?

In their own words our talent describes their experiences at the ActorMarathon


“I can always count on Gwyn to deliver - professional and talented young actors always attend her marathons!” -David Elliot, Don Buchwald & Assoc.

“I have been attending the NY Marathons for years… Excellent showcase for young actors – the best in NY thanks to Gwyn!” -Lakey Wolff, CESD

“Great event! I always find well trained actors at Gwyn’s Marathons…” -Jason lane, Kazarian/Spencer

“I enjoyed the NY Marathon tremendously…it’s very well put together – the actors are always well-prepped-I’ve come to so many and am NEVER disappointed…” -Angela Montelbano, MBC Casting

“I have been attending the NY Marathons for years!... Excellent showcase for young actors – the best in NY!” -Angela Mickey, Liz Lewis Casting

“I am always eagerly anticipating Gwyn’s next Marathon, one of the best sources of unknown talent in the city!” -David McDermott, JGD Talent

“The Marathon is “I always rely on Gwyn’s marathons to give me the best actors to call in - and I do!” -Elizabeth Gans, Stark Naked Casting

“One of the best ways to get to know the industry in New York. Excellently done, Gwyn!” -Mickey Shera, Innovative Artists

“Gwyn knows her stuff! The NY ActorMarathon is a MUST for young actors.” -Amy Gossels, Amy Gossels Casting

“Excellent opportunity to see good talent as well as network with other industry!” -Kevin McShane, Oscard Agency

“The NY ActorMarathon is one of the best showcases in New York… Wouldn’t miss it!” -Phil Cassese, Talent Works

“I look forward to each of Gwyn’s Marathons. I always know that I will find the best and brightest unknown talent out there.” -Ashley Williams, Professional Artists

“Gwyn’s Actor Marathons have consistently provided great talent.” -Barry Shapiro, Herman & Lippman Casting

“I cannot think of a showcase that has better talent in the city!” -Cahill Connelly, Casting Solutions

“Great event… I always find talented actors at the New York ActorMarathons…”-Allyn Simmons, Kipperman Casting

“I have consistently found really good talent at theActor Marathons.” -David Vacarri, Telsey & Co.

“Entertaining and beneficial, Gwyn’s Marathons are the best showcases in the city!”-Clay Smith, Luedtke Agency

“Gwyn really knows her stuff. Every young actor needs to be prepped by her!” -Evan Malter, Arcieri & Associates

“I have been consistently impressed with the quality of talent at Gwyn’s Marathons.”-Heather Finn, Frontier Booking

“Whenever I attend one of Gwyn’s Marathons, I know I will leave having met some of the best new actors in the city!” -Kevin Thompson, Thompson Talent

“The Marathons are a great way to get yourself known to the best of the industry in the city- for an actor at any level-do it!” -Kimberly Graham, Graham Casting

“I definitely see lots of good actors that I meet at the NY Marathon!” -Michael Golden, Bret Adams

“Gwyn’s Marathons are not only a great way to showcase your talent, but also they are a blast to attend!” -Ramona Pitera, Ramona’s Talent

“Very professional event… always enjoy seeing new actors who are well prepared. Gwyn knows her stuff! The NY ActorMarathon is a must for young actors.” -Danielle Falls, Daryl Eisenberg Casting

“I would recommend the ActorMarathon to every young actor out there.” -Ingrid French, Manager

“I have known Gwyn for years and I attend every Marathon that I can. It is without a doubt the best way to find talent in the city.” -Barry Kolker, owner, Carson-Kolker Talent

“The marathon is one of the best showcases in New York. Period.” -Bob Kale, Hughes Moss Casting

“I love attending the ActorMarathons! They are always fun and DEFINITELY a great way to meet new talent.” -Carol Hanzel, Carol Hanzel Casting

“The marathon is not your average showcase. I always expect to meet the best new talent in New York. I’m never disappointed. Thanks Gwyn!” -Cynthia Katz, Gotham Talent Agency

“I love working meeting good actors like those at the NY Actor (Gwyn’s) Marathons!” -Howie Cherpakov, Howie Cherpakov Casting

“The NY ActorMarathon…Very organized and fantastic talent! Looking forward to the next one!” -Noah Suchoff, Atlas Talent

“I’ve known Gwyn for years – always a good evening with a small group of talented actors. -Steve Garrin, Video VoiceWorks

“I always enjoy the NY Marathon immensely…it’s very well put together – the actors are always on par with the best…” -Jed Abrahams, Talent House

“The New York Marathon..ActorMarathon is a well produced event. Gwyn chooses carefully and preps the actors so it’s a pleasure to see their work.Excellent!” -Margaret Emory, Dulcina Eisen Associates

“Great opportunity to be seen by a huge number of industry professionals and get great feedback. I love attending!” -David McDermott, Jordan, Gill, & Dornbaum

“Very impressed with the talent and warm enviornment!” -Dustin Flores, Judy Boals Inc.

“It was a wonderful, eclectic group of actors….excellent event!” -Elisabeth Jamison, EJ Casting

“Gwyn always has a diversified group of talented actors! It is a pleasure to attend!” -Michelle Kilic, Ramona’s Talent

“Very professional event… always enjoy seeing new actors who are so well prepared.” -Tony Grinage, Atlas Talent


Gwyn and her team deliver a quality showcase year after year. Good talent, well prepared, in a comfortable low key setting. STEVEN NASH, Contemporary Talent. (ps. signed a recent client of yours!)

Excellent opportunity to see good talent and network with industry- signed a few of your excellent clients! BRANDY WILKERSON-CALDWELL, Bobby Ball Agency

I found the LA ActorMarathon actors to be prepared, professional and gifted. SHEILA LEGETTE, Media Artists Group (signed your client, Linda).

As always the talent was prepared and everybody, I mean everybody, did a great job! I love the actors' enthusiasm and energy and will call them in for their perfect role. VANESSA NACHTMANN, Dream Big Casting

With so many agents, managers and producers in attendance, the LA ActorMarathon is one marathon definitely worth running in! -STAN ZIMMERMAN, Zimmerman/Berg Productions (major features)

This was my first time doing the LA ActorMarathon. I found it to be very professionally run. The actors were well prepared and very respectful of the industry people who attended. The fact that the group was small and very manageable made it a very pleasant experience. We’re definitely calling in a few of your clients -FRAN TOLSTONOG, GEM Entertainment Group

This was my first time being a part of LA ActorMarathon. I always embrace the opportunity to meet new faces. I got to see some good people here and will be calling them in for future projects. Thanks for inviting me, Gwyn! -PAUL DINH-MCCRILLIS, CSA

I always find great talent at the LA ActorMarathon. ( we signed 2 clients from the Dec. Marathon). -KATHY KEELEY, Jana Luker Agency

As always with Gwyn’s ActorMarathons, all of the actors were very professional and well prepared. It is always an enjoyable afternoon spent with her actors and I have signed several. -CRAIG HOLZBERG, Avalon Artists Group

The LA Actor Marathon is a great event where high level industry pros have the opportunity to see some great young talent. The event is well organized and lucrative creatively for all involved! -ROBIN NASSIF, Media Artists Group

I have been attending Gwyn’s LA Actor Marathon for many years. It is a great place for actors to be seen and for managers and agents to find very accomplished new talent. I have signed numerous clients from these professionally done showcases. -PAUL CAPLAN-BENNETT, PB Management

Very professional event...love coming to the Marathon and enjoy seeing new actors who are well prepared. -KRISTIN NAVA ABRAMS ARTISTS

Excellent opportunity to see good talent and network with other industry! -TRACY CHRISTIAN DON BUCHWALD & ASSOC.


Really great! Best showcase in LA for actors-­‐ Would love to attend again!-MATT GOGEL TALENT HOUSE

The LA ActorMarathon is an excellent opportunity to see good talent-­‐ been attending for years! -NANCY MOON BROADSTREET GEDDES AGENCY

The actors are well-­‐prepared. Showcase was run very efficiently-­‐ some STRONG TALENT there! Always love coming to see good talent-­‐especially new actors-­‐ and to network with other industry too! -ROBIN NASSIF DIVERSE TALENT GROUP

The Marathon is a very professional event-­‐ the actors are WELL-­‐prepped and I enjoy seeing them! -INDRA ARMSTRONG CLARK THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

Very professional event-­‐ I’ve known Gwyn for 4 years-­‐ she really knows her stuff! The LA ActorMarathon is a MUST FOR YOUNG ACTORS...it’s simply the BEST SHOWCASE for actors in Los Angeles! -THOMAS RICHARDS CORSA AGENCY

I always really enjoy attending Gwyn’s showcases. Super professional-­‐well run, tightly produced. I always find terrific talent here and it’s a great networking event. -MIMI MAYER ANGEL CITY TALENT


I’ve known Gwyn for 5 years-­‐ always a great event with a small group of talented actors. Wouldn’t miss it! -CAROL LEFKO CAROL LEFCO CASTING

Gwyn has a great eye for talent and always showcases fabulous actors here in LA! -MARA SANTINO LUBER ROKLIN ENTERTAINMENT

The LA ActorMarathon is one of the best showcases for actors in LA – it’s a great opportunity to see upcoming new talent...wouldn’t miss it! -KIM GOLA ABA TALENT

Refreshingly entertaining and a wonderful source for potential new talent. -GLENN HUGHES GEM ENTERTAINMENT GROUP

Always lovely to see Gwyn-­‐ Always a well prepared organized showcase ...with some GREAT NEW talent! -TANYA KLECKNER HRI TALENT

Highly PROFESSIONAL event...ALWAYS enjoy attending to see new actors who are well prepared. -CHADWICK STRUCK CHADWICK STRUCK CASTING

Gwyn knows her stuff! The LA ActorMarathon is a must for young actors-­‐ it’s the best showcase in LA...always professional and the actors obviously have been well-­‐prepped by her! Wouldn’t miss it! -PHIL BROCK STUDIO TALENT GROUP

Best workshop ever! Loved the actors, the professionalism and networking. Very appreciative of Gwyn for creating an excellent opportunity to see new talent and network with the other industry! -ALYCIA STARK ELEMENT TALENT

ALWAYS A GOOD showcase-­‐ very professional. I enjoy seeing so many new actors who are talented and prepared. -BRUCE ECONOMU PINE RIVER MANAGEMENT

Highly professional event...always enjoy seeing new actors who are well-­‐prepared! -KATHY KEELY JANA LUKER AGENCY

Always a great time! It’s the best opportunity to see new talent that’s really GOOD! -JAIME FERRAR JFA

I think it’s the best oportunity in LA to see good talent and I enjoy networking with the other industry...thanks Gwyn! -MARIA CHAIDEZ NANCY CHAIDEZ AGENCY

An event that is very professional with new actors who are well prepared – Gwyn does a great job! -ZACH JAMES DIVERSE TALENT GROUP

t’s a very professional event. I always enjoy coming to see NEW actors who are very talented! -PAUL TRUSIK TRUSIK TALENT MANAGEMENT

Great energy...lovely people both those performing (very talented) and those attending. Thank you so much-­‐ looking forward to the NEXT LA MARATHON! -TRACY CURTIS TALENT HOUSE

I’ve known Gwyn or years and have been coming to the LA Marathon all that time-­‐it’s always a great event with a small group of very talented actors! -OMAY MAYET GEL ENTERTAINMENT

Thanks, Gwyn. Always a GREAT event! Good actors, good material. Really loved the new venue! -BONNIE GILLESPIE CRICKET FEET CASTING,INC.

THE LA ACTORMARATHON had a good selection of talented actors, very well-­‐prepared. Gwyn runs a good event! -JERRY SILVERHARDT SILVERHARDT ENTERTAINMENT

First time attending the LA Marathon and was very impressed with the talent showcased! -CAMBRIA HANKIN CAMBRIA HANKIN CASTING

EXCEEDED my expectations – one of the best showcases for actors in LA! -ERIK HEINTZ HEINTZ GROUP ENTERTAINMENT

I know I’m always going to see well trained actors at TAM – The LA Marathon! -MICHAEL GOLDBERG DIVERSE TALENT GROUP

Highly professional event. I enjoyed seeing so many talented and prepared actors. -SHARON NIXON KELLY AMERICAN ARTISTS AGENCY

I think this is an intimate way to meet actors who are NEW to LA. Very professionally run and the actors are great! -PAMELA FRAZIER EYEBOOGIE, INC.

If you want to see good talent and network this is an excellent opportunity! -MARK BLAKE MARK BLAKE MANAGEMENT

Loved it! The LA ActorMarathon was very professional, friendly, GREAT talent, good monologues and scenes...would love to attend again! -VANESSA NACHTMANN DREAM BIG CASTING

It’s so refreshing to see the work of the TAM group-­‐ NEW actors at the LA Marathon-­‐ ...it’s the pot at the end of the rainbow...great talent and good potential clients! -TERRY LUCE EXCLUSIVE TALENT

Well run showcase-­‐ GREAT talent ...would love to attend again! -JERRY PACE JERRY PACE AGENCY

This was an excellent opportunity to see NEW faces-­‐ good talent all around! -PETER NOVICK MAVRICK ARTISTS AGENCY

EVERYONE was prepared and had great energy...enjoyed the professionalism and NEW talent! -JEAN SCOCCIMARRO SCOCCIMARRO CASTING

Totally LOVED it! The LA ActorMarathon is a hit!-­‐ Would love to come back. All the actors were interesting, focused and you could tell they worked hard-­‐ Bravo, Gwyn! -SONJA NORWOOD NORWOOD TALENT