Things you need to get your career to the next level


Lifestyle (Headshots) to die for- showing your personality, we call them lifestyles shots not just your head. (in our TAM MARKETING PACKAGES we Include: a personal session with a Marketing Expert to go over your type, range and wardrobe as well as coming WITH YOU on the shoot.) Get Started


Resume professionally designed pointing a LARGE metaphorical arrow to your strongest credits, clearcut type and range of roles you can play. (in our TAM MARKETING PACKAGES we include: a personal session with a Marketing Expert to go over your credits as well as 3 different designs.) Get Started


Sizzle (Demo Reel) 2-3 scenes showing your marketable type and your talent. ( We write/adapt an original scene shoot it and give you a final edited 2 minute DVD! A BONUS? You get a real CREDIT on your resume that you appeared in a "pilot" of a NEW SERIES produced by our film production company). Get Started


Website that sells YOU. A website is your STORE. Without a store you have no place to sell your product, YOU. You may not even be called in for the first audition. Just think of what you're missing! (In our TAM MARKETING PACKAGES we offer 3 inexpensive choices, give you a personal session to go over the design and content so you can be up and running on the web within 2-3 weeks). Get Started


Marketing Package so you have a map of where you're going for the next 6 months. Random auditions and random submissions on Actor's Access or Backstage will get you a "random" career. To make REAL progress you need accountability, a guide (Marketing Mentor) and definite goals. When you TARGET what you want, you get it! (When you choose a ONE-on-ONE Coaching Program, we sit down with you and work out EXACTLY what you want to achieve. Ever go to a Wedding Planner or try to arrange a major event in your life ALONE? It can be overwhelming...or a FUN experience when you have help from a PRO.You owe it to yourself to go the professional route. Hire a Marketing Mentor- you'll save years of wasted effort and your most valuable commodity, TIME.) Get Started

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