is a "trailer" of all your best work condensed into a fast-paced, FUN to watch, compelling 1- 2 minute demo. Have you ever watched a trailer for a really good movie and there's this one liner that's brilliant and then a moment that's really engaging or hysterically funny and then it cuts to another and then another? By the end of a minute or less you're intrigued and HAVE to see that movie. A trailer SELLS the movie and makes you WANT to see the whole thing. In Hollywood, that's called a "sizzle reel". A good demo SELLS you, the actor, so we call our demo reels, SIZZLES.

What makes a good reel? ONE THAT POPS OFF THE SCREEN! One that shows your best work... One that shows what roles you can play... One that confirms you have that "it" quality... That you're HOT!

How can YOU get a SIZZLE ? 3 Easy Steps:

1.  Interview

Decide on YOUR TYPE and the roles you want to play:
Doctor - House, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice
Lawyer - Law and Order, The Good Wife, Fairly Legal Housewife - Desperate Housewives
FBI Agent,Forensic Expert, Detective - CSI, NCIS, Chicago Code Spy - Nikita, The Unit, Chase, Covert Affairs

2. A Script is written for YOU- sitcom, drama, romantic

3. Rehearse/Shoot We provide your partner, location and crew

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U.E.S. (Upper East Side) - a Pilot for a new Prime Time series Fun at St. Agnes - pilot episode